Monday, January 17, 2011

A Rant...

Whoever said that finishing a large knitting project is like saying farewell to an old friend............IS LYING. It's more like plodding through a marathon while sporting a migraine headache.

I recently undertook to knit a lace wedding shawl for my lovely daughter-in-law who married my oldest son in December. It was finished in late November, just in time to keep me from going over the edge. It made use of three different patterns, a sideways edge and was knit in the traditional Shetland style. Sounds romantic, eh?

Well, let me tell you, mittens look mighty nice to me right now. The sideways edge seemed to take an eternity and when it was finally finished and blocked, I could not wait to get it out the door and away from my home and my needles. Bleh!!

Oh, the grinding of teeth and the headaches this shawl inspired. The weight gain in my backside and remolding of my posterior profile while I sat and knitted. The gross neglect of my responsibilities. I honestly hope it becomes an heirloom, is well loved and is passed down from generation to generation--because if it ends up felted or torn, I may well kill the person who perpetrated such an action against five months of my life!

Enough ragging.

I'm done. are you?

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