Thursday, August 14, 2008

Scarecrow Sam

Scarecrow Sam is finally finished! Isn't he adorable, and made by my 14 year old daughter!

Here's her next project. It looks like a bowling pin, a gourd, or a rotten summer squash. Actually, it's a gnome in process and knit in the round. We've both gotten the hang of altering flat knitting patterns to knitting in the round. It saves us tons of time and produces a neater finish.

More on the gnome in due time.


Kathleen said...

Do I hear gnome "knit-a-long" some where in the future?

Wooly Works said...

Maybe so! Christmas is coming and they're Yuletide gnomes after all! I'm not sure how to disperse the pattern since it's copyrighted. Suggestions?

CAMILLA said...

Hi Woolyworks,

Oh that Scarecrow is soo sweet, and daughter has wonderful talent just like her mum.

I never did manage the art of knitting well, like the idea of a knitted Gnome, I will check in again Wooly to see finished product, I am sure it will be just as sweet as the cute Scarecrow.

loominaddict1 said...

Your daughter is very talented!
Is there a loom along or a pattern for the scarecrow?
I would love to make it for my Grand-Daughter for Christmas.
Marcie ~ NC