Friday, August 8, 2008

Panda, Anyone?

This is the latest addition to the bear population here. He's knitted from black alpaca and white alpaca/mohair blend. The pattern is Jean Greenhowe's teddy bear pattern from Traditional Favorites. I altered the finishing to allow him to be jointed, rather than sewn on one position. I also didn't like the eyes very much--kind of panicked looking, I thought. So, I added a slanted eyelid that softens the stark look of fear to a dreamier and friendlier expression.

I quite like his looks now. He's off to become a gift for a college girl's birthday.

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

I definitely like the dreamy look better. Imagine waking up to see your teddy bear looking scared out of his wits! I like this bear a lot! He's more of the roly-poly huggy teddy bear...remember Brownie? Loved to smithereens, repaired and now still with Tai...and loved more.