Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sock KAL

It's time for the Wooly Works sock knit along! I have one knitter knitting along with me so if you'd like to join us, grab your needles and yarns and let's go. I'll be posting the pattern a little at a time here, but if you'd like to have it all at one shot, check our website at . It's posted there under Free Patterns.

We're starting with something simple but fun and I think you'll be pleased with the results. No comments please about my color choices or lack of color coordination. I'm using some wool with contrasting colors so you can see the work progress. My skill at taking pictures is limited so I need all the help I can get. Besides, I want your socks to be the highlight of our KAL, not mine.

You'll need US #3 (3.25 mm, UK #10) straight needles and #3 dpn's. You'll also need three colors of yarn, with the main color A, and the others designated as B and C. Cast on 48 stitches onto the straight needles and knit 2 rows in color A. Join color B and knit 2 rows. Join color C and knit 2 rows.

OK, I couldn't find my #3 straights, so I used #2 (2.75 mm, UK #12) straights. I already broke my own rules--just so you know. I'll still use #3 dpn's.

Rejoin color A, knit 1 row and then work a twisted edge as follows:

K4, rotate the right needle 360 degrees, K4, rotate, K4 and continue across to the end.

At the end of this row, transfer all sts. to dpn's and join into round by working K2 P2 ribbing (2x2 ribbing).

Work 8 rounds of ribbing. Purl two rounds and knit one round plain.

The next step is to work the color pattern. Work it as follows:

K2 in color A, k2 in color B. Repeat around three times.
K2 in color B, k2 in color A. Repeat around three times.
Repeat first three rounds.

This is how I knit the pattern, but the posted pattern says to work vertical stripes. I broke my own rules again, but isn't knitting about being creative? Isn't it about creating a work of wearable art that suits the maker? In my world, a pattern is just a blueprint, a suggestive guide and an idea builder. I don't write or use patterns as if they're a recipe or a code of conduct. They're always a work in progress and the knitter gets to decide what the progress looks like and where it ultimately goes. I hope your socks look completely different from mine!!

Knit one round plain in color A.
Purl two rounds in color A.
Work 8 more rounds of 2x2 ribbing.

OK, that's it for now. Go and work on that much and come back in a couple of days for the rest or go to our website for the complete pattern and work on ahead. You can put your cuff stitches on a string and start the second sock, which isn't a bad idea if you want to have both socks be an exact match. See you in a couple of days!!

P.S., just in case you're curious about the shawl progress, here it is on a string so I could check the pattern. So far so good. It will still take me the rest of the summer. I'm at 576 stitches now and it's getting good!! I'm still promising to get better directions and pictures up soon for those who want to knit along but couldn't follow my sketchy directions!


Blossomcottage said...

Thank you, I use knit a lot but have not done it for years, you have inspired me to have a go again. Socks like these cost a fortune here, it would be nice to make my own for the winter.

Elizabethd said...

Knitting is something that I dont do! But I do admire yours, and what a lovely shawl, it reminds me of my Grandmother's knitting, always 2 ply on fine needles.

Anonymous said...

It all sounds very complicated to me but extremely exciting and interesting too. Keep posting your progress.

CJ xx

WesterWitch/Headmistress said...

What a brilliant idea - can I try these with soft fluffy stuff if I can find it . . . think this is more a winter evening thing for me - but I know it is here now. Would you do a jumper one do you think.

Faith said...

Can't knit for toffee so think you are very very clever!

Kathleen said...

Okay, I don't have #3 straight needles, so I'm starting on #4s. Arrgh! I'm still looking for contrasting yarn to go with the blue that that I have for the main color.

Wooly Works said...

WW, we will do a knit along for a jumper, probably in the winter. It's always nicer to knit with someone else when you're doing something huge like a sweater.

Kathleen, don't worry if you don't have #3's or contrasting yarn. The socks will still be beautiful in a single color of yarn. You could maybe use up some odds and ends by just adding them in at the edging and doing the rest in a single color.

Blossom, I hope you do knit a pair. Every time I knit with mohair, I think of you and the Vick in your nose when you're around goats.

Kathleen said...

Not as easy as she makes it look...I've just fumbled my way through the twisted six, and beginning on the 2 x 2 ribbing.

Kathleen said...

Arrrgh! I'm starting from scratch again! Just ripped out my cuff and started over. Grrr...

Wooly Works said...

Kathleen, welcome to my world. Ripping is a daily occurrance and I don't really mind that much anymore. Just try, try, try again and if you can't make it work this time around, leave the twisted edge off and proceed to the ribbing. Try it again later and it will probably work out much better. It's amazing what your mind works on when you think it's idle.