Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Sock Saga in Pink

The saga of the socks continues. I'm only on my second pair and I think I've ripped this one out at least a dozen times. I'm normally a very laid back person, at least in most ways, but for some reason, perfectionism rears it's ugly head at the least opportune moments. The customer asked for two shade of pink for her pre-teen daughter and left the rest to me. Sounds like a knitter's dream, but it's turned into a nightmare. Perhaps I've given myself too many choices this time and can't make up my mind for the best design. I've been sitting up late at night trying different things until my eyes crossed and I finally told myself, "It's just a sock for heaven's sake. Get on with it." I finally opted for a simple baby cable and an hourglass heel and toe. And so, I'm marching towards the toe on the first and just starting the cables on the second. It's still slow going because my eyes really are tired and over worked at this point.

I wonder if the eyes are the first things to go as we get older. (Oh, wait, the waist already went!) I rebel at the thought of wearing glasses, especially bifocals. I'm awful about locating keys, cell phones, sunglasses. How could glasses be any better? I shrink at thinking I might be dependent on the silly things. I suppose worse things could happen, but I've been dragging my feet about having my eyes checked. If I pretend there's not a problem, it will just go away, right? If I deny the problem, everything will be alright. Isn't that how it works? I know better, but still can't seem to move my feet in the direction of an eye doctor, or whatever they call themselves.

Perhaps I should just repeat my solution to the sock saga. "You have to see, for heaven's sake. Get on with it!" I hope they don't have too many choices when I get to the doctor's office.


Elizabethd said...

Very pretty socks! Yes, do get your eyes checked, it wont get aby better while you wait. you could have contacts?
Please do join the PurpleCoo site, all you have to do is register onsite, and then we can all enjoy your blogs.
I see you too are a Mitford fan. I love the series, cant wait for the new ones.

Pondside said...

Bifocals - well, I have graduated lenses and they work well for me. I couldn't squint and harder at my cross-work than I was so had to make the decision. Welcome! I've enjoyed your blog since the introduction by your sister and I look forward to more!!

Exmoorjane said...

This all sounds horribly familiar - well the thickening waist and memory loss and eyesight going....but not the socks (though they remind me deliciously of the ones my nan used to knit for me - though never,sadly, in such wonderful shades....oh no, glum greys and bottle greens and stolid navy for me)....see you in the purplecoo common room soon, I hope! You've got a big welcome going on! Janex

Frances said...

I have just sped through your recent blogs. It is delightful to read about the ranch and all the knitting and spinning, and the folks and animals.

Welcome indeed!

My great auntie taught me to knit about 50 years ago (!) and, like most knitters, always have several projects underway. I have never made socks, but back in the 1970's used to make a bit of extra money from knitting baby booties that looked like mary jane shoes with socks (in bright two-color combos, like red/green for Christmas, purple/yellow, aqua/fuschia, etc.) Also once made a pair of gloves for a friend, just to see what that would be like.

I do look forward to checking in on you again.

CAMILLA said...

Oh so much to see on your lovely Blogs, welcome to the site.

Great Socks, love the colour I am PINK mad, so they would suit me fine. My mother was a great knitter, sadly I did not follow in her footsteps.

Will see you again later, you have so many delightful things for us to see. I am a Mitford Fan too, as Elizabeth says, I am looking forward to a new series.