Sunday, October 14, 2007

Good stuff here

Heh, I'm the other half of the blog team...the less resourceful, the less down to earth, and the one that makes things more complicated than they need to be. I have my life spread out from Wyoming down through Colorado and further south to where I am right now - Peru. How much more complicated do I need to be? Yeesh.

Look at what comes from the Wooly Works workshop! Beautiful stuff here! Even the model is great!

Anyway, we make good stuff here. The Christmas and holiday season is upon us. We head to Windsor in November to put our good stuff out there for people to see, touch, and smell. I personally have a hat knit from Peruvian sheep's wool that still has that lovely sheepy lanolin aroma on it. It was fun to knit, but it took up over half of that yarn, so I'm left with less than enough to make another felted hat...What to do, what to do? I seem to have that problem lately - leftover yarns that I haven't enough to make the project that I want...maybe with time, I'll have enough in my leftover stash to make a granny square blanket...afghanland, here I come!

I recently received a book from, "Amazing Crochet Lace", by Doris Chan. WOOHOO! There are some great patterns in there! But, me being me, I'll probably only make the original pattern once and then modify the beejeebers out of it to suit myself...hence the one of a kind creations. Hang on Doris! I won't be long in making one of your fabulous patterns and then twisting the daylights out of the concept and ending up with something completely different.

Okay - I'm off to organize all those odds 'n ends of yarn left overs. They MAY make a few great HATS!

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