Friday, June 20, 2008

Just a summer's day

The weather is hotter today. It's been such a cool spring that it's nice to have the sun pound us now and then. It was hot enough that we ended our work early and came in to enjoy the cool of the house. My oldest daughter Bethy finished her little scarecrow baby from one of Jean Greenhowe's books. Bethy isn't all that happy with the results but I think he's very cute for her first try at this kind of pattern. On to greater challenges and the bigger dolls for her.

Younger daughter, Abigail, tried her hand at decorating cupcakes--also her first try at the tender age of 11. We found a website all about baking and decorating cupcakes. They have a monthly challenge and the first one is making flower cupcakes. Here's her entry. I think they turned out really good, although the cake is just from a mix. I'm sure she'll get better at the baking part, but for now, she's very excited about the decorating.

As usual, an afternoon thunderstorm rolled in around 3:30.

During the storm and through the rain and hail, the sun shone brightly through the clouds and the rainbow seemed to end right at our house. We searched and searched for the pot of gold, but with no luck. Alas, all we got was a picture and a cool and windless summer evening. Good trade if you ask me.


Kathleen said...

The doll is cute! When is the next one scheduled to be on the needles? The cupcakes look long did they last? Not long, I'll bet. And the rainbow...I have only ever seen one rainbow since being here, and that was outside of Lima, when we were on one of our escapes to Trujillo, in between dueling with Celeste and dodging potholes and traffic.

Cait O'Connor said...

They are great photos and the flowery cupcakes are excellent.